WOW Shot™ in Chattanooga, TN

More than 20 million adult women in the United States today are suffering in silence and secret. Their problem? Urinary incontinence and/or low libido (these two often occur together). If you are struggling with frequent urination, stress incontinence, or low libido, we have a cure! The WOW-Shot™ is now available for women living in and around the Chattanooga, Tennessee, area (including the community of Cleveland) from Dr. Jack Rowland of Cool Springs MD Chattanooga.

Frequent Urination & Female “Dis-Interest” Issues Fixed with One Injection of the WOW-Shot™

Women are saying the WOW-Shot™ is even better than a “little pink pill!” With just one shot, it can boost libido and reduce pain from intercourse while also reducing the frequency of urination and incontinence issues. Some women even say the WOW-Shot™ has saved their marriages!

The best part about the WOW-Shot™ is that it is the FIRST cure for frequent urination, stress incontinence and low libido that doesn’t come with a long, scary list of side effects. Just one shot is all that is needed!

“Patching Up” the Pro Athlete

The WOW-Shot™ actually works in a similar manner to how sports doctors patch up pro athletes so they can return to their sport quickly. If you’ve ever wondered how it can be possible to go from being seriously injured to back on the field in a week or month – without surgery – here is your answer: PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). In the same way that pro athletes are treated with their own plasma to heal quickly, a leaking bladder can also be healed by administrating PRP. Calcium is used for certain PRP procedures under physician’s discretion.

How PRP and the WOW-Shot™ Works

Let’s say you are a pro athlete and you have an orthopedic injury. Your doctor will take a tube of your own blood and spin it until the red blood cells separate away from the plasma, which is full of healing benefits including growth factors. Next, your plasma is mixed with calcium. Finally, you will receive an injection of your own plasma with calcium added….and after that your body will have what it needs to heal quickly.

Calcium’s Role in Healing Our Body

Even while your body is quickly making use of your own blood plasma to heal, the calcium is also going to work in aiding the healing process. Here are some of the things calcium does:

  • Calcium thickens your plasma so it will remain in the injured area to do its healing work.
  • Calcium acts as a trigger to tell your body repairs are needed. It does this by increasing your blood’s natural calcium levels, which tells your platelets it is time to get to work.
  • At this point, your body’s healing mode is triggered, and the injured area is literally “walled off” from the rest!
  • Once the injured area is sequestered, the platelets are free to release the growth factors your body needs to heal in that area.
  • As the healing process begins, the growth factors trigger your stem cells to replicate. As they replicate, this helps form new healthy tissue.
  • This entire “rapid healing” process happens whenever you get injured and regardless of your age, which means it is a reliable process for doctors to also use and replicate to treat any injury.

Standard Treatment Options for Frequent Urination and Stress Incontinence

  1. The first step most physicians take to treat problems with frequent urination or urinary incontinence is called “behavior management”. This is an unpleasant and frequently ineffective approach. If you have been tasked with changing your urinary behavior, you know you are supposed to empty your bladder each hour, enduring dehydration if needed (which can create more problems than it solves, including UTIs, loss of appetite, mood and memory problems and digestive disturbance).
  2. If this doesn’t work (and it frequently doesn’t!) your physician will prescribe medications of a class known as “anticholinergics”. This will slow urinary frequency and stop incontinence, but it will also cause memory problems, which for many aging patients, in particular, is a serious side effect.
  3. If these treatments don’t work, the next “traditional treatment” option is bladder surgery. And if you are diagnosed with a prolapsed bladder, surgery may be appropriate. But for less severe conditions, surgery is overkill and can also cause adhesions, infection and dangerous internal obstructions. These side effects can be especially dangerous if you are young and still want to have a family.
  4. If none of these options are successful in treating your problem, you may be offered injections. Unfortunately, this class of injections can be extremely painful and problematic. They also often cause dangerous obstructions that require additional surgery. Nearly 50 percent of the women having this procedure have a urinary obstruction. About 5 percent are not cured.

PRP for Women

For the estimated 50 million adult women in the United States who are experiencing low libido or sexual dysfunction of some kind, it is no laughing matter! Add an additional 20 million adult women who have issues with frequent urination or incontinence, and we are talking about 70 million women in this country who cannot enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures.

All of this makes it just that much more amazing that PRP’s usefulness in treating urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction has only recently been discovered!

Dr. Charles Runels, the founding physician of using PRP to treat these disorders in women, came up with a theory that PRP could be applied to certain women’s issues in similar ways as it has been applied to athletes who experience issues in certain areas. In his own practice, he encountered patient after patient who experienced lots of pain during childbirth and/or intercourse, often reporting a history of previous abuse, vaginal birth or frequent urination/incontinence. Dr. Runels wanted to find a truly effective treatment – one that was simple, nonsurgical, non-painful and with low risk from side effects – to help these patients.

Here’s What Happened

Dr. Runels extracted blood plasma from one of his female patients, added calcium, and then re-injected the plasma plus calcium mixture into two specific areas in her pelvic region. Her pain subsided, and her pleasure increased – voila! A new cure was born.

Today, known as the WOW-Shot™ this natural, non-surgical treatment uses your own body’s natural healing agents to treat urinary stress incontinence, leaking bladder, frequent urination, low libido and painful intercourse. By cloning new cells from the body’s own stem cells, the vaginal and clitoral cells are restored to full function. The result is not just a bladder you can trust, but also a boost in sex drive and (best of all) much stronger orgasms!

The PRP does two specific things:

  1. The five-inch long clitoris is completely healed from beneath the skin’s surface to the hood.
  2. The urethra and urinary tract are healed to the point that frequent urination and the “leaking” associated with urinary incontinence cease and become normal again.

All this is accomplished in one single shot containing the patient’s own plasma plus calcium!

Another little-known fact is that the most common reason women are put into nursing homes is for incontinence, which causes more work for family members than even more serious conditions such as dementia. The invention of the WOW-Shot™ now allows women to live independent lives in their own homes for far longer. It also reduces nighttime bathroom runs, which can result in falls with broken bones. Even more importantly, aging women can stay active without fear of losing continence while out with friends. And if she becomes single again at some point and wishes to date, she may just experience the first orgasm – or the first multiple orgasms – of her life!

The Monetary Costs of Urinary Stress Incontinence and Frequent Urination in Women

A 2005 study shows the average cost of treating incontinence through traditional means is $2,500 per patient. This study measures only the costs of medication, physician visits, and supplies. It does not even address qualify of life, related expenses or the extra time involved in managing a problem that can now be treated with a single injection!

How Long Does the WOW-Shot™ Work?

Most patients find the WOW-Shot™ works for up to 24 months and even longer for incontinence (leaking bladder). The patient typically notices improvements starting as early as 90 days following the injection. As well, it solves the other issues the 2005 study did not address – the $2,500 on traditional treatments that don’t work, time spent on doctor visits and cleaning plus the psychological impact of not being able to trust one’s own body. Not surprisingly, this means patients are also reporting improvements in mood issues, fatigue and relationships!

What About the Side-Effects?

Not a single patient who has taken the WOW-Shot™ has reported any side effects. Additionally, 9 out of 10 women report the shot effects a complete incontinence cure!

Who Can Administer the WOW-Shot™?

Patients should ONLY receive the WOW-Shot™ from physicians or clinicians who are individually certified and trained to administer this specialized injection. For your own safety and to ensure high-quality results, be sure that you confirm certification and training before making an appointment to receive the WOW-Shot™ from any medical professional!

Dr. Jack Rowland has been certified and trained in the WOW-Shot™ injection procedure. Cool Springs MD has successfully administered the WOW-Shot™ to treat sexual dysfunction, low libido, frequent urination and leaking bladder (incontinence) to women all across the East Tennessee region.

How Much Does the WOW-Shot™ Cost?

When you contact our friendly and knowledgeable team here at Cool Springs MD Chattanooga, we will schedule a one-to-one consultation to assess your needs, answer your questions, ease any concerns you have and discuss WOW-Shot™ pricing.

If you are a resident of Chattanooga or the surrounding areas in Tennessee, like Cleveland, please contact us to schedule your individual one-to-one consultation with Dr. Jack Rowland or one of his team of medical professionals. The WOW-Shot™ is changing lives all across the country – you could be next!