Skin Rejuvenation Products in Chattanooga, TN

Aging skin lacks the smooth texture and fullness of young skin. As the skin sags more each year, you develop lines and wrinkles that make you feel less attractive. Our skin rejuvenation products restore the skin volume that you have lost over the years, thereby softening lines and wrinkles without surgery. Dr. Jack Rowland offers skin rejuvenation products for men and women in Chattanooga and nearby Tennessee communities, like Cleveland.

What Are Skin Rejuvenation Products?

The aging process affects many parts of your body, including your skin. The amount of collagen and elastin that is naturally produced in your body gradually decreases as you get older. Both of these substances are the key to young skin. Collagen retains skin volume to prevent wrinkles and lines, and elastin works to keep your skin tightened around your features. With less collagen and elastin, your skin essentially collapses inward and sags.

Our licensed physicians and aestheticians recommend skin rejuvenation products as an alternative to cosmetic surgery and in conjunction with other procedures. We offer products that address the common signs of aging as well as other cosmetic flaws on your skin.





Latisse® was the first eyelash treatment that was approved by the FDA, and today the product continues to deliver safe and effective results. With a simple at-home application each night, you can have fuller, healthier eyelashes in just 16 weeks. Latisse® does not permanently change your eyelashes, so if you stop using the product, your eyelashes will thin again.

Are Skin Rejuvenation Products Right For Me?

The professionals at the office of Dr. Jack Rowland recommends skin rejuvenation products to men and women of all ages. The products reduce the signs of aging and give young skin an advantage over the aging process.

How Much Do Skin Rejuvenation Products Cost?

The cost of our skin rejuvenation products is based on the products you choose for your aesthetic needs. The cost Botox®, Latisse® and Juvederm treatments are based on the amount of product that is needed for each treatment. Therapeutics skin care is priced by product. We can provide a total cost of your skin rejuvenation products after your consultation with either Dr. Jack Rowland or his medical team.

Skin rejuvenation products bring new FDA-approved treatments to men and women who may not need surgery. The products require little to no downtime, and the results are incredible. If you live in Chattanooga or nearby areas of Tennessee, like Cleveland, contact us to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Jack Rowland.