Dr Jack Rowland

“Dr. Rowland has delivered all three of my children. He is so kind and compassionate. I cannot thank him and his staff enough for taking such wonderful care of my babies and myself!” –Danielle H.

“Love Dr. Rowland and his office staff! Dr Rowland is kind and compassionate. His office staff are so sweet and I always get a call right back regarding a question or concern I have. I can’t say enough good things about them! They are wonderful!” -Stephanie B.

“Dr. Rowland is, hands down, one of the kindest souls I have ever had the privilege to meet. He is a man of great character and compassion. He is an amazing physician and surgeon. You are truly in the best hands when choosing him to be your OB/GYN.” -Carly N.

Dr Kreg Jonson

“I can’t think this man enough. My pregnancy was far from an easy one but I had an amazing doctor that truly made a world of difference . Thank you for helping us with our Miracle! God bless you!”

“Dr Jonson is amazing!! I am so grateful I had him for my last sons birth!”

“Dr Jonson is an amazing doctor and wonderful person. I love how he cares for his patients. I am glad he delivered my daughter.”

Lydia Van Dyke

“Lydia was so wonderful! She took the time to explain things to this first time mom and I couldn’t be more appreciative!”

“I was so blessed to have Lydia as my midwife! She followed me every step of my pregnancy and delivered my precious baby boy! Thank you so much Lydia for your encouragement during delivery and your thoughtfulness and kindness that you showed at each of my visits!”

Sonya Dillard

“Sonya has been my provider for years, I would not trust my women’s health needs to anyone but her!! She is great!”

“Sonya and her staff are fantastic! They are always very professional and attentive to my needs!”