Pellet Therapy in Chattanooga, TN

In order for hormone replacement therapy to be efficient, it is important to administer a consistent dose of hormones to the patient. Doing so allows hormonal levels to be regulated at a steady pace. Pellet therapy achieves this by gradually releasing bio-identical hormones into the body. Cool Springs MD Chattanooga is a leading provider of pellet therapy in Chattanooga and the surrounding area of Tennessee, including the Cleveland area.

What is Pellet Therapy?

Hormone imbalance in both men and women may be caused by a variety of factors, such as natural changes associated with aging, injury or illness. An imbalance of hormones does more to the body than cause mood swings. Some of the more severe effects include reduction of mental focus, loss of bone mass and a depletion of muscle strength. Patients suffering from hormone imbalance may also experience a reduced sex drive. Taking advantage of bio-identical hormone replacement therapies in order to improve deficient hormone levels can help men and women to feel healthier and younger.

To help get hormones back in balance, pellet therapy is an effective option for treatment. Pellet therapy is a form of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. This type of therapy replenishes hormones in the human body with natural ones derived from plants. Using modern testing techniques, it is possible to customize these hormones in order to give the patient individualized care. Customization allows pellet therapy to be highly effective in the treatment of hormone deficiencies and imbalances.

How Does Pellet Therapy Work?

Pellet therapy involves placing specially made pellets under the patient’s skin, usually in the buttock region. The insertion process is fast and virtually painless, usually performed in less than 10 minutes. The small size of the pellets makes them almost unnoticeable. This therapy has been customized to the individual and dissolve slowly over a period of three to six months to provide the patient a steady supply of hormones. Patients start to see positive results within a few weeks as the dissolving pellets copy the natural hormone gland functions.

Benefits of Pellet Therapy

Pellet therapy offers the same benefits as traditional hormone replacement therapy, such as:

  • Relief from mood swings
  • Improved concentration
  • Decreased loss of muscle mass
  • Less fatigue
  • Reduced risk of osteoporosis
  • Increase in libido

Pellet therapy, like other bio-identical hormone replacement therapies, replenishes the body with natural hormones that can be lost due to the aging process, illness, injury or surgery. The hormones allow the body to operate once again at peak performance and help men and women to live a healthier and fuller life. Thanks to the slow release of hormones, treatment with pellet therapy is only necessary three to four times a year, unlike traditional hormone replacement therapies that require frequent trips to the clinic. The gradual release of hormones from the tiny pellets mimics the body’s natural release of hormones and provides the patient with a continuous feeling of balance. With an increase in energy and sex drive, patients once again enjoy and active, fulfilling lifestyle.

For patients who don’t wish to take medication each day, pellet therapy provides an easier way to replenish hormones over traditional hormone replacement delivery methods. The pellets are small in size and last for several months before needing to be replaced. Patients on pellet therapy experience:

  • Better bone density to prevent osteoporosis
  • Strengthened cartilage that helps to improve joint movements
  • An increase in muscle mass helping to burn calories more efficiently
  • An increase in libido
  • Improvement in the strength of both muscles and tendons
  • Relief from mood swings

One of the most rewarding benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement therapies, including pellet therapy, is the youthful feelings and increased energy levels they experience. Patients tend to exercise more and have more motivation to eat a healthier diet. These changes to daily life lead to an increase in both mental clarity and physical health. Pellet therapy allows patients to take their lives back without the inconvenience of remembering the next clinic appointment for injections.

How We Help You Get Back in Balance

The medical team at Cool Springs MD Chattanooga discuss your unique symptoms and medical history and takes blood samples. This information is used to determine the proper dosage for each patient. Every person has a unique biochemical balance, so the blood tests are important in ensuring that the pellets dosage designed for each patient will correctly work with the body to improve hormone levels. At Cool Springs MD Chattanooga, we test other lab values to ensure hormone balance.

These procedures enable the doctor to prescribe the exact bio-identical hormones needed in order to improve feelings of wellness in each patient. Once the customized pellets are inserted under the skin, they begin to provide the necessary hormones in the proper dosages. The blood test is also used to screen each patient for other health conditions that share the same symptoms as a hormone imbalance. Patients are screened regularly to ensure that the customized pellet provide to proper relief at all times.

The office of Dr. Jack Rowland provides patients in need of bio-identical treatments professional service from Cool Springs MD Chattanooga in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Cool Springs MD Chattanooga is a life management medicine clinic providing quality care to the residents of not only Chattanooga, but also nearby cities such as Cleveland. At Cool Springs MD Chattanooga, we treat both men and women. Patients receive safe, discreet, effective and reliable bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Jack Rowland and his staff use the highest quality procedures for testing blood and customizing treatments.

Though pellet hormone replacement therapy is one of the top ways to fight the aging process, there are other treatment methods available. The medical team at the office of Dr. Jack Rowland will work with the patient to come up with a detailed strategy for fighting the effects of reduced hormone levels. In order to restore vigor and the feelings of youth, Dr. Jack Rowland also uses regenerative medicine, exercise programs, nutritional changes, and supplements.

Hormone therapy can only be effective if taken at the proper time and in the proper dosage. Pellet therapy is not only a more affordable option, but also offers convenience in delivering patients the proper, consistent dosage of hormones needed. Learn more about pellet therapy by calling 423-401-8034 to schedule a private and discreet consultation.