Hormone Replacement Therapy in Chattanooga, TN

Experts now understand that fluctuating hormone levels in the body can lead to a variety of physical and emotional issues that can cause severe disruptions in your life. Thankfully, effective treatments now exist to treat hormone imbalances, including hormone replacement therapy using bio-identical hormones to restore your body back to its natural levels. Anyone seeking hormone replacement therapy in the Chattanooga area, including Cleveland, can trust in the experience and training of Dr. Jack Rowland and his team of medical professionals.

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

As women and men age, a natural process causes hormone levels to decrease. As your body adapts to the changes, you experience unpleasant side effects, such as chronic exhaustion, a decreased libido, depression, reduced ability to experience pleasure and other problems. Many of our satisfied patients have successfully treated these and many other common symptoms through the innovative use of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

At our modern medical center, we analyze your hormone levels so that we can devise precisely the right therapy needed. Our licensed and experienced professionals work with you to develop a personal health plan that may include dietary supplements, dietary changes, and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. At Cool Springs MD Chattanooga, we understand that men and women do not have to suffer any longer, and that they can improve the quality of their lives and reduce or eliminate many of the fatiguing and troubling symptoms of aging.

Every day the media is covering a new story about the amazing breakthrough roles that bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can play in our lives. Thankfully, men and women today no longer have to suffer through the wrath of aging and can smooth or even reduce that process using an expert-administered course of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in combination with a healthy diet and fitness regime. Our medical professionals at Cool Spring MD are standing by to help you through this emotionally and physically challenging time in your life, giving you a chance to regain the pep in your step and put a smile back on your face.

For women, we generally recommend a full-spectrum bio-identical hormone replacement therapy plan that carefully manages the delicate balance of progesterone, estrogen and testosterone levels. When administered by a licensed and trained professional, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can help women drastically reduce or remove the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause.

Hormone Replacement Therapy – More Information

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Bio-Identical Hormones

Referred to as BHRT for short, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is a special course of treatment that is tailored to the individual patient’s hormone levels. All BHRT are completely natural, made from plant ingredients and processed in an advanced compounding facility until BHRT is a customized copy of the patient’s hormones. The treatment and dosing are customized and many studies have shown that these bio-identical hormones can start reversing symptoms of the aging process, giving patients the opportunity to experience greater energy, improved health and a restored zest for life.

BHRT is a safe and tested procedure that has been used by doctors and other medical professionals for more than 80 years. Unlike other sources of hormones, such as farm animals and strange pharmaceutical chemicals, BHRT uses only all-natural plant-based ingredients to create the perfect replacement hormone for each patient’s body.

Hormone Therapy For Men

Men will have no trouble recognizing the fact that their testosterone levels naturally peaked around 17 years old. This essential hormone gives men a boost of sexual energy, pushes them to grow taller and allows them to build muscle mass. Unfortunately, testosterone levels begin to fall as part of the aging process, and most middle-aged men are suffering from about half the testosterone levels that they enjoyed as a teenager.

Menopause is a commonly-discussed issue related to aging in women, and andropause, the male equivalent, is a similar hormone-changing process that can unleash damaging changes in the men who experience this debilitating condition. Many men who go through andropause suffer from feelings of shame and depression. Men may also experience significant weight gain and drastically reduced energy levels, sometimes even at a relatively early age in life. Today, men undergoing this devastating process have the opportunity of benefiting from bio-identical hormone replacement therapies.

Hormone Therapy For Women

Once a woman reaches the age of puberty, her body starts to manufacture estrogen in fluctuating levels that begin to taper off at the onset of menopause. A variety of symptoms, such as hot flashes, emotional outbursts, brief losses of memory, weight gain and reduced energy levels, come with lower estrogen levels in the body. These issues can be gently perfected with the expert existence of the medical professionals at Cool Springs MD Chattanooga.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Benefits

Unfortunately, a small group of people using steroids improperly have cast a long shadow on the science of hormone replacement therapy. Our patients should know that all hormone replacement treatments are administered by trained medical professionals in the correct dosage.

Men can benefit from bio-identical testosterone therapy with increased vitality, stronger bones, brighter moods, more lean muscle mass, a lively libido and lower body fat.

Women can benefit from bio-identical estrogen therapy by enjoying fewer hot flashes, healthier skin, less vaginal dryness, brighter moods, a lively libido and lower risks for a variety of different cancers.

Hormone Therapy Means a More Enriching Life

Thankfully, thousands of men and women across the country have improved their lives by using hormone replacement therapy. Whether you’ve recently begun to suffer from hormone imbalances in your body, or have struggled with this problem for decades, the expert medical professionals at Cool Springs MD Chattanooga are ready to help restore the vitality and vigor you once enjoyed.

Our clinic at Cool Springs MD Chattanooga offers safe and modern bio-identical hormone treatment for both men and women in Chattanooga, including the surrounding Cleveland area. If you’d like to learn more about how all-natural plant-based hormones can improve your life, do not hesitate to contact us today at 423-401-8034423-401-8034 to schedule a personal consultation.