Latisse® in Chattanooga, TN

Thick, long eyelashes attract attention to the eyes. For anyone with thin eyelashes, there is now a product formulated to increase growth and fullness. Women and men living in Chattanooga and surrounding areas of Tennessee, like Cleveland, can receive Latisse® treatments from Dr. Jack Rowland at Cool Springs MD Chattanooga.

What is Latisse®?

The Food and Drug Administration has approved Latisse® to help patients grow full and dark eyelashes. A prescription treatment from Dr. Jack Rowland is spread on existing upper eyelashes once each day, and results occur within one to four months. Medical research reveals that Latisse® works by increasing the natural growth phase of eyelashes in addition to increasing the number of lashes on each eyelid.

Latisse® in Chattanooga, TN

Benefits of Latisse® Treatment

Latisse® is a prescription topical application designed to give men and women darker, fuller and longer eyelashes. Patients are responsible for applying the treatment to their eyelashes once each day.

How is Latisse® Treatment Performed?

Dr. Jack Rowland and Dr. Ben Abdu and the providers at Cool Springs MD Chattanooga prescribe Latisse® to patients after an evaluation of their eyelashes. A patient is responsible for applying the product along the base of the upper eyelashes with an applicator before going to sleep. Patients do not apply Latisse® to the lower eyelids since the product is transferred to the lower lashes during the blinking process.

Preparing for Latisse® Treatment

Patients must remove contact lenses before applying the product to the upper eyelashes. The area around the eyes requires cleansing first with the removal of makeup and debris.

What to Expect from Latisse® Treatment

At Cool Springs MD Chattanooga., Dr. Jack Rowland recommends a full course of treatments for a minimum of 16 weeks for the best results. If patients stop using Latisse®, then the lashes often become thin again in a few weeks.

How Much Does Latisse® Treatment Cost?

When meeting with the medical staff at Cool Springs MD Chattanooga, a patient can discuss the cost of Latisse® treatments. Each patient receives a one-on-one consultation to ease concerns, ask questions and discuss prices. Dr. Jack Rowland and his team want to provide patients all of the information needed to reach specific aesthetic goals.

Is Latisse® Treatment Right for Me?

The best way to determine if Latisse® is an appropriate treatment to increase eyelash growth is by scheduling a personal consultation at Cool Springs MD Chattanooga with Dr. Jack Rowland or Dr. Ben Abdu. Patients with hypotrichosis are frequently unable to use Latisse® because it is ineffective for anyone with this medical condition.

Why Choose Dr. Jack Rowland and Dr. Ben Abdu for Latisse® Treatment?

Dr. Jack Rowland has expertise in helping patients improve their appearance with products such as Latisse®, which are designed to enhance the eyes. If he determines that this treatment is not appropriate, then he and their medical team help to find alternative treatments to improve eyelash growth.

What to Expect During Your Latisse® Consultation

At Cool Springs MD Chattanooga, Dr. Jack Rowland or our medical staff examine a patient’s eyelashes to determine if there are underlying medical conditions that preclude treatment with Latisse®. If Latisse® meets a patient’s goals, then medical staff will explain side effects and expected results. Next, patients are shown how to effectively apply Latisse® to their upper eyelashes.

Patients desire full and long eyelashes to frame their eyes and feel more attractive. Anyone experiencing thin eyelashes can contact our facility that serves the residents of Chattanooga and the surrounding areas of Tennessee, like Cleveland, at 423-401-8034.