Weight Loss Before and After Pictures in Chattanooga, TN

The health risks of obesity outweigh the aesthetic concerns, but for many patients, the real and everyday challenges of losing the weight and keeping it off can be simply overwhelming. Now you don’t have to go it alone. Dr. Jack Rowland has been helping patients residing in Chattanooga, East Brainerd and the surrounding area of Tennessee restore their physique, their health, their self-confidence, and their overall well-being with safe and effective weight management plans designed to help you keep your weight completely under control and manageable so you can look your best while you live your life .

Many frustrated individuals who struggle on a daily basis with the burden of unwanted weight, too often find themselves turning to dangerous weight loss supplements and complicated and costly dieting plans that simply do not meet the mark. At Cool Springs MD we work on providing medical oversight to help you address your unique circumstances and needs with an individualized treatment program and Life Management plan which will run the gamut from diet and exercise to counseling and medical review to help you reach your weight-loss goals.
Losing the weight will be a major achievement. And we will be here to be your partners in weight loss super success every step of the way, all the way from where you are right now to the point of achieving your final weight loss goals and successfully keeping the weight off for good.
Take a look at our before and after pictures, and see for yourself how much “wow” the after pictures show, in terms of previous patients successfully shedding the pounds and looking incredible. Do you want to feel proud every time you look in the mirror, thanks to having the power of Cool Springs MD on your side for weight loss? Contact us now to set up your complimentary consultation to learn more.

Weight Loss Patient 1

Weight Loss Patient 2

At Cool Springs MD Chattanooga we’re here to help you with the best weight loss treatment program available. After reviewing our before and after pictures, please contact us at 423-401-8034 to setup your consultation. We serve residents in Chattanooga, East Brainerd, and the surrounding communities in Tennessee, and we look forward to serving you too.