Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men in Chattanooga, TN

Men who are struggling with hormone imbalances can find the answers they need by contacting the staff at Cool Springs MD Chattanooga. Many men in Chattanooga and the surrounding communities in Tennessee, like Cleveland, have used services provided by Cool Springs MD Chattanooga to improve their energy levels, cognitive function, immune systems, and more. We provide men with hormone replacement therapy, so they can enjoy an enriched, healthy life that has them feeling younger than ever.

Years of research have been conducted on hormone replacement therapy, and these studies have shown that HRT can drastically improve a man’s overall health by increasing cell regeneration. As an added bonus, these treatments can also help men manage their weight, which will further reduce their risk of obesity-related problems such as heart disease. If you have recently begun to notice issues such as mood swings, unusual weight gain, lethargy, or a drop in your cognitive abilities, help is only a phone call away.

Men and Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone that is produced by both men and women throughout their lifetime. For male children, testosterone will aid in the development of their reproductive tissue. During puberty, a man will produce more and more testosterone which is what will deepen their voice, increase their height, and improve their muscle mass. At around the age of 17, testosterone production will peak and remain at those high levels for nearly ten years. Unfortunately, at that point the man will then produce less and less testosterone as they age. Studies have shown that 50-year-old men produce just half the amount of testosterone as when they were 17.

Men require healthy testosterone levels to maintain:

  • Cognitive abilities
  • The reproduction of red blood cells
  • Healthy sleep patterns
  • Bone mass
  • Muscle mass
  • The production of sperm
  • Sex drive

Each of these bodily functions will begin to decline at the age of 30. This process is perfectly natural, but problems can arise for some people. Men may have a severe drop in testosterone production too soon, or their hormones will fluctuate unnecessarily. Just as women go through menopause due to hormonal changes in their body, men can also experience issues such as hot flashes and fatigue due to low testosterone levels.

Male Steroid Use

Some men have attempted to combat the signs of aging by using synthetic steroids. While popular among bodybuilders and athletes, these synthetic steroids are generally illegal and can be unsafe. Those that decide to undergo HRT should avoid the use of any synthetic steroids as they can produce dangerous side effects.

How We Can Help With HRT

Here at Cool Springs MD Chattanooga, your safety is our number one concern. Before coming up with any treatment plan, we take the time to ensure that you are as healthy as possible. Once your health has been confirmed, we can devise a customized treatment plan that will have you feeling as if you are years younger.

Our team also recommends that all patients consult with Cool Springs MD. We will be able to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of this style of treatment and help you decide if it is a good option. HRT is very effective for many men, but it is not ideal for every situation. Some men with a hormone deficiency or imbalance may not respond well to HRT. One example of this would be men with prostate cancer. For patients that cannot undergo HRT, (Often other treatments can be prescribed). Sometimes a change in their diet and regular exercise will be their best option for improving their testosterone levels.

If you have the unwanted side effects of a hormone deficiency and have been cleared during your consultation with us then you can begin the process of taking back your life today. The staff here at Cool Springs MD Chattanooga in Chattanooga is passionate about helping men throughout the Chattanooga area, including those in the community of Cleveland, look and feel their best. Please contact us today and schedule your consultation.