About Us

Dr. Jack Rowland opened Cool Springs MD Chattanooga in response to increasing demand for a comprehensive, medically supervised program that supports his patients’ journeys through the process of aging with a more realistic, holistic and proactive approach. Cool Springs MD Chattanooga offers more than just a weight-loss management program. Dr. Jack Rowland understands that well-being is both an internal and external journey and he has developed a new method of achieving vitality.

The story of Cool Springs MD Chattanooga is simple: We are physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and counselors who understand the physical and emotional needs of our patients. We believe that each of them deserves to live a prosperous, happy and healthy life. Whether you are having a hard time emotionally because you struggle with weight loss issues, have a hormone imbalance or are just interested in general wellness, our passion is to help you reach a brighter place. We offer a safe environment with caring doctors and counselors who are here to serve you.

Life Management Medicine is an approach that revolves around natural hormone therapies, weight control, products, procedures and treatments that help both men and women feel good about themselves. Doing things the same way just does not cut it. We do everything that we can to make an impact on our patients’ lives. To help enhance what we do, conducting ongoing research within the practice is also at the heart of who we are.

The set of programs involved in Life Management Medicine are built around confronting the key health issues and concerns of aging that have a propensity to impact and cause the most damage to a patient’s emotional and physical well-being. Aging is going to happen, but you do not have to suffer unnecessarily because of it.

At Cool Springs MD Chattanooga, Dr. Jack Rowland and his dedicated team of physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and counselors believe that everyone has an opportunity to reduce the possibly unpleasant side effects of aging. We achieve this by promoting a new approach and mindset to vitality. Life Management Medicine starts with our team and ends with you.

Weight Loss Management, Natural Hormone Replacement and More

Our team of physicians, nurses and counselors know first-hand about the emotional and physical burden of not looking and feeling your best. We are focused on supporting every aspect of your journey to well-being. Cool Springs MD Chattanooga provides Life Management Medicine programs that center around natural hormone replacement therapy, preventative maintenance, weight loss management, cosmetic procedures and research, all of which make us better when serving you.

Allow Cool Springs MD Chattanooga’s caring medical staff to help you become re-acquainted with a more beautiful, happier and healthier you.

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